St. John's Educators

Josh Critch (He/Him)

Josh is a third year undergraduate student at Memorial University majoring in Physical Education and minoring in Mathematics. He specializes in K-12 Math, English, Science, and Social Studies. Josh’s interest in education and learning came from him being involved in coaching minor hockey. He is excited to join EDUCO and share his passion for learning while using different teaching styles to help students obtain their own academic and personal success. In his free time Josh loves to be active while playing both hockey and softball. He also enjoys many other outdoor activities such as hiking and kayaking.

Amy Rose (She/Her)

Amy is a first-year undergraduate student at Memorial Univeristy, and intends on majoring in Computer Science. She completed several Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate courses in high school, which has prepared her well for specializing in junior high and high school level Mathematics, Science, and English. Amy believes that student success begins with establishing connections with her students and helping to build their confidence. Regardless of the challenges a student may face, she believes every student has their own unique strengths, and discovering and applying these strengths is the key to enhancing academic success. She’s delighted to join the EDUCO team!

Marissa Taylor (She/Her)

Hi!! I’m Marissa! I’m currently completing social work as a second degree at Memorial University, while previously completing a psychology honours degree at Grenfell Campus! I will be focused on tutoring a variety of subjects at the primary/elementary level, but I’m also here to help with any Psychology, English or any other electives at the post-secondary level! For some students school work can become overwhelming, and I hope to help alleviate some of that stress by providing a safe and welcoming environment to learn in a way that works best for the student. Everyone has different strengths, and it’s important to find ways to enhance those by finding a path that will allow the student to be the most successful. Outside of tutoring you’ll find me getting some school work done,  painting crafts for my small business or scurrying off to one of my other student jobs

Kelechi Nene (He/Him)

Kelechi is a Mechanical engineering student at Memorial University currently completing his final semester. He specializes in high school to university level Math, Physics and Statistics, and believes making teaching more relatable for students makes things easier to remember. He enjoys working out at the gym and playing online multiplayer video games.

Nicole Pike (She/Her)

Nicole is currently in her fourth year of the Doctor of Pharmacy program at Memorial University and hopes to work in community pharmacy when she is finished.  She went to high school in the Conception Bay North area, where she graduated with honours, with a great interest in the maths and sciences. If you miraculously catch her outside of school or work you would normally find her nose deep in a book, starting another big crochet project (and never finishing it), or spending time with friends and family. Having tutored for several years prior, she believes that tutoring is a gateway to enhancing understanding and adapting to the best style of teaching for each individual student is the key for success. She loves being part of the EDUCO team and cannot wait to meet you! ☺️

Claire O'Brien (She/Her)

Claire is a first-year undergraduate student at Memorial University planning to complete a Doctor of Pharmacy. She specializes in kindergarten to first-year university Math, Science, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Claire also coaches various sports team throughout the years, which has led to her gaining a keen interest in learning and help other students. She is excited to join the EDUCO team and help and share different learning strategies for students. When Claire is not at school, she plays basketball, frisbee and rugby. In her free time, she also loves to play the piano and spend time with her two dogs.