CBS Educators

Emily Spurrell (She/Her)

Emily has been a valued EDUCO team member for the past 4 years. She is a second-year Bachelor of Process Engineering Student at Memorial University and is working towards pursuing a career in medicine. Emily takes a client-centered approach to tutoring which enables her to work with a variety of styles as she focuses on helping students understand the material by allowing them to lead the way. Emily specializes in K-6 math courses, junior high level math courses (English and French), high school level math and high school level chemistry. Emily is also able to academically support students with university level chemistry courses (1050/1051). She has also worked with some basic courses from CONA.

Maggie Fenton (She/Her)

Hi, I'm Maggie. I'm in my first year of a bachelor of arts degree at Memorial University and I am interested in majoring in Political Science. I am focused on tutoring all subjects at a Primary level along with some Junior High and High School courses. I believe everyone has the ability to succeed academically, especially when they are given the opportunity to learn what studying habits and learning styles work for them. Outside of tutoring I enjoy hanging out with my friends, reading, and studying. I am excited to be part of a team that can help students reach academic success.

Brooke Andrews (She/Her)

Brooke is a third year undergraduate student majoring in Physical Education with a minor in French. At MUN she also works in a Sport Psychology lab as a Research Assistant. Brooke graduated with French Immersion (Honours) distinction and successfully completed the DELF B1 exam for bilingualism. Apart from her studies, she loves to spend time hiking and playing various sports. Brooke's passion for teaching began with coaching figure skating and soccer. She loves to provide help to students in any shape or form and loves to see students reach their academic and individual goals. Brooke specializes in K-12 French, Sciences, Math and Social Studies.

Robyn Harbin (She/Her)

Robyn is currently in her second year of a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in pursuit of going into the Faculty of Education (Primary/Elementary) at MUN. She has always had a passion for helping others, which has lead to her ultimate goal of becoming an educator! In her spare time she coaches soccer where she can help kids improve their athletic ability! Tutoring is rewarding to Robyn because she is able to help her students reach their full potential. She feels an immense amount of pride in helping them in their accomplishments!

Emma Rodgers (She/Her)

Emma is a third-year student at Memorial University studying Behavioural Neuroscience (honours) with a minor in French. Emma was on the Dean's List for the 2021-2022 academic year. She also graduated high school with honours in French Immersion. She has a passion for learning, and she plans on pursuing Medical School after her degree. Aside from her studies, Emma is an athlete on the MUN Cheer team and she also coaches cheerleading at Cheer Sport Sharks. She also works in various neuroscience research labs on campus. Emma tutors English, French, Math, Biology, Physics, and Chemistry at the primary/elementary, junior high, and high school levels. Emma loves to help other students reach their academic goals, and she is happy to join the EDUCO team!

Allison Rideout (She/Her)

Allison just finished her undergraduate degree at Memorial University, majoring in French and minoring in English. She aspires to complete a Second Degree in Primary/Elementary Education to become a French teacher. Allison specializes in English and French courses for K-6 students, as well as Junior High math. She enjoys traveling, reading, walking her dog, and spending time with friends and family. Allison’s goal is to create a welcoming environment to help support the learning of each student.

Allison Manning (She/Her)

Allison is a fourth year Electrical Engineering at Memorial University and is working towards a career in Renewable Energy. In her free time she is a Project Manager for a MUN Engineering/Business student group, enjoys reading, and spending time outdoors. She specializes in Math and Science and has always loved learning and helping others better understand these subjects. Allison is very excited to be a part of the EDUCO team and to be able to help students achieve their goals!

Allie Gambin (She/Her)

Hi, my name is Allie! I have just started at Memorial University pursuing a Bachelor of Kinesiology. I was an honours French immersion student in High School and I completed the Delf B1 exam for bilingualism. I am interested in tutoring any subjects from the K-8 level and at the high school level I enjoy Math (Calculus) and Biology. I enjoy finding and implementing methods that work best each student! I look forward to helping students reach their full academic potential!

Hannah Elliott (She/Her)

Hannah recently received her Bachelor of Kinesiology (co-operative) degree from Memorial University. She has a desire to learn and plans to seek a Master's degree in physiotherapy. She has also successfully completed her DELF B1 exam for bilingualism. At a young age, Hannah became interested in math and any science-related subject (chemistry, biology, etc.), and she enjoys assisting others in developing this enthusiasm. She believes that each child has a unique learning style– all of which should be encouraged.  When she is not studying, Hannah can be found interacting with family and friends, hiking, or enjoying time outside. She is thrilled to be a member of the EDUCO team and to foster lifelong learning in all of the students she works with!

Emily Dunn (She/Her)

Emily is a second year student at Memorial University double majoring in Criminology and Pure Math. She specializes in math courses at all levels however also has her DELF B1 certificate for bilingualism in French. Outside of tutoring she loves baking, spending time with her friends and learning new languages. Emily loves helping others and believes that’s performance in school should not prevent someone from achieving their goals.

Mackenzie Lane (She/Her)

I have just started my first year at Keyin College studying Child Youth Care, and  I’m working towards a career in child development.  I volunteer at daycares and after school programs weekly with children from kindergarten to grade 7 and I enjoy helping children achieve their academic goals and making learning fun! I can tutor any subjects from the K-6 level, and it is my main focus to ensure that every child is taught in a way that works for them so they can set their own academic goals and reach them!

Anna Rideout (She/Her)

Hi, my name is Anna Rideout! I recently finished a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in chemistry and minor in math at Memorial University. I will be continuing my education pursuing a Bachelor of Education (intermediate/secondary) Conjoint with Technology. I am very excited to work with others and help students reach their goals. I look forward to meeting new students and sharing my passion of science and mathematics. In my free time I love to spend time with my friends and family, play and coach sports and travel!