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Unit 1: Polynomial Functions - Math 3200 (Digital Download)

Unit 1: Polynomial Functions - Math 3200 (Digital Download)

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Unlock your full potential in Math 3200 with the help of our in-house developed, curriculum based, workbooks with lots of questions and step-by-step solutions.

Unit 1: Polynomial Functions, includes the following topics:

  • Characteristics of Polynomial Functions
  • Remainder Theorem
  • Factor Theorem
  • Integral Zero Theorem (Rational Root Theorem)
  • Multiplicity of Zeros
  • Long Division
  • Synthetic Division
  • Sketching the Graph of a Polynomial
  • Determining the Equation of a Polynomial Given its Graph
  • Factoring Higher Degree Polynomials (Grouping / Sum and Product)
  • Solving Polynomial Functions 

This is a downloadable purchase! You will receive an email following your purchase to download both the blank PDF and answer key PDF. 

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