Remembering Makayla

Welcome to the 4th Annual PINK Invitational Volleyball Tournament.

This tournament was created in memory of Makayla Puddicombe. Makayla was an avid volleyball player since she was in grade 7. She loved the game and friends she made along the way. She, along with her twin sister, played on the Frank Roberts Junior High Grade 7 – 9 teams, as well as the Sea Hawks Club Teams. She was diagnosed with brain cancer in June 2014; at the end of her grade 8 year. During that summer she had her first brain surgery and was determined to not let this slow her down in any way. She continued chemo and radiation treatments during the summer and returned to school in September 2014; she played on her school team and the Sea Hawks team that year even while doing her chemo treatments. She would finish her treatment at the Janeway on a Monday afternoon and rush over to the PowerPlex to play in the after school league with her team. In March 2015 the tumor had returned and we travelled to Sick Kids in Toronto to start a trial treatment program. This required us to stay in Toronto for 5 weeks then travel back each month for medication and appointments. In July 2015 the trial was stopped as the tumor had returned. In August 2015 Makayla was scheduled for her 2nd brain surgery at the Janeway. Within weeks the tumor had returned. In September we were off to Sick Kids again for a 3rd surgery and 2nd round of radiation. Makayla showed such strength and determination through it all and was always worried about her family before herself. This horrible disease became too much for her tired body to handle; Makayla passed away February 25, 2016.


We created this tournament as a way to remember her and make her proud. We are so honored and pleased at how the volleyball community has embraced this tournament and the sea of PINK that is shown every year. The proceeds from previous tournament supports pediatric oncology patients through a variety of means (Makayla's Magical Christmas - gifts are bought for all patients at the Janeway; visits to Ronald McDonald House to prepare meals for the families; etc.); we supported each schools local breakfast programs, annual scholarship and awards were rewarded at Frank Roberts Junior High and Queen Elizabeth schools that Makayla attended.


This year we would like to announce that we are on a special mission……. by the 7th Annual PINK Invitational Tournament we would like to grant a WISH through Children’s Wish to a child diagnosed with a life-threatening illness in our province, just like Makayla. Makayla was granted a wish in February 2015 and it was the most incredible experience we could have been given. Between all the hospital stays, surgery and treatment… be able to get away, to not worry so much and to see her smile was the greatest gift we could have received. The highlight of her wish was to swim with dolphins. A portion of the net proceeds from each tournament will be donated to Children's Wish as part of our goal to raise $10,000 - to grant a WISH at the 7th Annual PINK Invitational Tournament. 


The tournament each year has been held at Queen E, Frank Roberts, Admiral's Academy (CBS Elementary), Villa Nova and Holy Spirit. This tournament brings a large number of players, coaches and spectators from all over the Province to CBS; it truly means a lot to our family the show of support. This tournament has quickly become a CBS (Community) Tournament. 

Makayla was known for her goofy attitude, infectious smile and love for her teammates…..she will always be our #7!


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting this tournament.


Michelle & Makenzie

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