This workbook package includes three separate workbooks:

  1. French Fundamentals Handouts (87 Pages)
  2. Worksheets (59 Pages)
  3. Worksheets Answer Key (59 Pages)


Each learning area contains an explanatory handout developed by the EDUCO team to reinforce new language skills, detailing relevant topic-specific language that students will encounter during their French studies, and will use to complete practice worksheets. 


Our worksheets are developed to engage students and simplify the learning experience. Worksheets include a blank copy for students to work through, as well as an answer key to reference for corrections upon completion. 

French Fundamentals - Workbook Package

    1. The Alphabet
    2. Syllables and Sound Families
    3. Numbers (Zero to One-Hundred)
    4. Colours
    5. Basic Greetings
    6. Question Words
    7. Self-Introductions