Matthew Lawrence (Founder)

In 2017, Matthew established EDUCO as a small initiative to help students succeed in their educational journey. Matthew is a Memorial University graduate with a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering. Matthew has over 8 years of educational and leadership experience. In his free time, Matthew volunteers as a Junior High Volleyball Coach. He also enjoys hiking, playing volleyball, and travelling. Matthew is committed to offering an educational service that meets the learning needs of all students and has a passion for helping students reach their full academic potential.    

Leah Barron

Leah has been an educator with EDUCO for more than 7 years. Leah graduated from Memorial University with a Bachelor of Social Work. Throughout high school, Leah had always believed that she wasn’t capable of achieving high marks in math courses. Her lack of confidence in this area hindered her performance. After finding her confidence, Leah moved on to tutor academic math courses. Leah is devoted to not only supporting her students academically but also supporting their journey to increasing their confidence levels. In her free time, Leah enjoys hiking, spending time outdoors and traveling. She is excited to be a part of your academic journey! 

Gabby Dupont

Gabby has completed an Honours Degree in Behavioral Neuroscience at Memorial University. Gabby has been tutoring since she graduated from high school and developed a strong passion for working with students to grow and build their confidence. Gabby’s focus will be on high school level Physics, Chemistry and Biology, as well as introductory post-secondary Physics courses.  Gabby’s enthusiastic and bubbly personality allows her to build strong connections with her students and take a fun, innovative approach to learning. Gabby is also very excited to work alongside such a great team of Educators.  

Ally Cleary

Ally is an undergraduate student at Memorial University, majoring in History and minoring in Religion. She has over 5 years of tutoring experience. Ally enjoys helping others succeed academically and expanding their love for learning. She has experience tutoring a variety of subjects including academic, and advanced high school Math, high school level Physics, and high school level English. Throughout her years of tutoring, Ally has discovered that each student has their own unique learning style. She recognizes that each student requires different methods of tutoring to achieve academic success, and become more confident in their work!  

Victoria Samson

Victoria is currently completing her fourth year of a Business Commerce Degree at Memorial University. She specializes in high school level advanced math courses including calculus, high school level physics and high school level English courses. She is committed to supporting her students on their educational journey and helping them to achieve academic excellence. For Victoria, academic support is not the only important component of education, she also enjoys building a connection with each student.

Miranda Newman

In April 2021, Miranda graduated from Memorial University with a Bachelor of Applied Mathematics. She recently completed a Bachelor of Education and is in pursuit of a career as Junior High or High School Math Teacher. She is currently completing an internship and is thoroughly enjoying her experience helping students. Through her classroom experience, Miranda not only understands the meaningful impact she can make on her students but also how much she can learn from them. Her goal is to not only help her students grow academically but remind them mistakes can be seen as learning opportunities and encourage them to never give up.

Tyler Hennessey

Tyler graduated in 2019 from Memorial University with a Bachelor of Business Administration, completed a French Major Designation in 2020 and is currently in pursuit of an Education degree with an anticipated graduation date in August of 2022. Tyler’s French skills are a great asset to our private tutoring program as he works with his students on their French reading, writing and comprehension. He is excited for the remainder of the school year as he believes tutoring with EDUCO will give him a great opportunity to help youth develop their French skills, and help him prepare for his desired career as a teacher.

Annika Lindstrom

Annika is currently in her third year at Memorial University, completing a Bachelor of Science majoring in Comparative Biology. Annika is working towards pursuing a career as a Veterinarian. She graduated top of her high school class as Valedictorian with Advanced Math and Calculus courses, as well as third-level Chemistry and Biology. Annika’s approach to tutoring enables her to work with a variety of learning styles as she strives to lead her students to success.

Brianne Chafe

Brianne is an undergraduate student at Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador majoring in Physical Education and a minoring in History. Brianne has a passion for education and had the opportunity to complete a Physical Education practicum with students ranging from grades K-8. During this, she had the opportunity to step into a teaching role and discovered that forming a connection with students and educating youth is one of her many passions. Brianne strives to create environments where all individuals feel safe and included. In high school, Brianne was successful in achieving “The Lisa Williams Memorial Award” for displaying a positive attitude towards learning.

Emily Spurrell

Emily has been a valued EDUCO team member for the past 4 years. She is a second-year Bachelor of Process Engineering Student at Memorial University and is working towards pursuing a career in medicine. Emily takes a client-centered approach to tutoring which enables her to work with a variety of styles as she focuses on helping students understand the material by allowing them to lead the way. Emily specializes in K-6 math courses, junior high level math courses (English and French), high school level math and high school level chemistry. Emily is also able to academically support students with university level chemistry courses (1050/1051). She has also worked with some basic courses from CONA.