January 2020 Final Exam Review

How It Works:

In small groups (maximum 8 students), an instructor reviews each unit in a course using our EDUCO Review Booklets. Students have the opportunity to ask questions that they may have pertaining to the course information. The sessions are designed to ensure students receive a full review of the material covered in the course. The review concentrates on main topics that are likely to show up on an exam.


  1. Conception Bay South (CBS Commons)


Schedule: www.educoeducation.ca/januaryreviewschedule


What’s Included:

  • 16 Hours of Instructed Review (Mathematics) or 12 Hours of Instructed Review (Sciences)

  • EDUCO Review Booklets for Each Unit

  • Practice Final Exam + Answer Key

Cost: $12.50 per Hour of Instructed Review (Review Booklets included)

Registration: www.educoeducation.ca/januaryreviewregistration

For more information email info@educoeducation.ca

120 Conception Bay Highway, Suite 106-20, Villa Nova Plaza, Conception Bay South, NL

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